Yuval Yerushalmi-Stern

Yuval Yerushalmi-Stern

Yuval Yerushalmi-Stern was born and raised in the Haniel-Emek Hafer moshav, but currently lives in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. Passionate about sustainability, Yuval works as the head of advanced manufacturing at IEI, an organization that helps Israeli start-ups scale globally by seeking unique business opportunities. She loves outdoor travel and exploring new countries. As a child she even lived in both China and Swaziland! Last spring, she got married to her husband, Eilon, in her parents' garden, surrounded by close family and friends in a flourishing orange grove. They are now expecting their first baby, and we recently caught up to talk about her life now.


How have you been feeling in your pregnancy?

At the beginning I felt mostly tired. Overall though, I’m feeling good and growing so much. Every week I see my body change and I’m really enjoying it.  I was always aware of my health, but now during my pregnancy, I’m way more aware of what I am providing for my body- what kind of food I eat, how much water I consume, what kinds of vitamins I’m taking etc. Both my husband and myself are super excited to enter this new chapter in our lives. I mostly can’t grasp my head around the fact that I’m growing something so fragile and beautiful inside me, something that is uniquely ours.

What are you most excited about becoming a Mom? Most nervous about?

I’m very much looking forward to starting our own family. Just like any other person, I’m afraid of the unknowns and there are a lot of them. I keep asking myself how I should get prepared. And am I even ready? I’m excited to nurture this baby girl with our principles and values, and provide her with all the tools to bloom.

Are you doing anything special to prepare for your little one's arrival?

I’m continuing to practice my yoga and breathwork, as well as take daily walks to the beach to breathe the fresh sea air. I also just signed up with my husband for a birth preparation course.

What is the best piece of parenting or life advice you’ve ever received and from whom? 

I haven’t received much parenting advice yet, mostly just advice around the pregnancy itself. But my mom, based on her experience raising me and my siblings, did tell me to always inspire confidence in children. Meaning, to provide them with the feeling that you’re always there for them and they can count on you no matter what.

I know you’re really passionate about sustainability. How do you think this will influence your motherhood?

Actually, it’s a topic that really keeps my mind occupied these days. All the necessary products (such as a baby crib, clothes etc…) I will try and get second-hand instead of buying them new. I’m also still trying to find a solution for disposable diapers. If you guys have any creative ideas I’ll be more than happy to hear them :)

When you get a minute to yourself for some “me” time, what do you do for self-care?

For “me” time I will walk to the beach to watch the sunset, watch TV, take a power nap, or work out. 

What are three beauty products you always have in your rotation?

Since I got pregnant, I’ve been using vitamin E oil for stretch marks every night before I go to sleep. I also put on a nice night cream. In the morning I put on sunscreen to prevent pigmentation, which can be heightened during pregnancy. 

What traditions are you excited about introducing to your child or making with your family?

I would love to continue with the tradition my parents instilled in us, which is always to eat dinner as a family. I would also like to continue to go to extended family Shabbat dinners, and to go camping, which is something we love to do together now.

After maternity leave, you are planning to move outside of Tel Aviv back to your moshav community. Was the main draw the support system you will inevitably have there?

Of course it played a huge part in our decision, but it wasn’t only that. I grew up in the moshav and my parents are still there, as well as my brother and his family. Since family is our top priority, moving back will allow us to raise all the kids together and spend more quality time with one another. I think raising my future daughter in such a loving environment that I care so deeply about will be the best one to ultimately support her and myself.

How has your style changed or been influenced by your pregnancy? Is there anything you’ve needed but couldn’t find that you wish for The Line 9 to create?

Yes, it has forced me to change my whole wardrobe because my body has changed so much and my clothes no longer fit me like they once did. I’m now looking for clothes that make me feel good. When it comes to the things that I’m lacking during my pregnancy,  it’s mostly clothes that will make me feel comfortable, but at the same time, also be presentable.

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