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The Nine Life: Netta Interview


Netta is a former Global Creative Director for Selina. Used to being on the road non-stop for work, being grounded this year and back in Israel has been extra special for her. She welcomed identical twin boys, Asa and Emri, in late 2020. I caught up with her to hear how she’s doing seven months postpartum, and what life is like coming out of Covid with newborns.


How are you feeling seven months postpartum?

Physically I feel like I am almost back - I wasn't expecting the healing process from a c-section to be so long. Mentally, I am bombarded with love and joy. I feel like I'm on drugs and it just gets stronger everyday - yep, just like the cliche.

What did your path to pregnancy look like?

There was actually no path. I was supposed to get married and I had planned a major event in the desert at the Selina Ramon property. But then Covid hit, and we changed our plans. A month later I found out I was pregnant. Two month later, I found out we were having twins and couldn't speak for 48 hours.

When you get a minute to yourself for some “me” time, what do you do for self-care?

I try very hard to give myself time every day for some yoga practice, even if it is just 20 minutes, it makes all the difference.

What is the quality you most admire about yourself as a mother?

Calmness. I don't get dramatic or anxious about the babies. Being highly anxious or stressed with two babies does not work well. 

Best piece of advice ever received?

Just join a Mama Whats App group :) Best tips out there and everyone has such rich experience to guide you in the right direction.

Did you learn anything new in the past year with Covid that has surprised you?

Honestly, I mainly learned that I can enjoy the simple moments. That living with less simulation is not a bad thing.

How important is community and a support-network to you, and how do you go about nurturing it?

Community is THE MOST important thing. I moved back to my home country (Israel) after spending four years abroad so that I could be surrounded by my smart and supportive women tribe.

What are three beauty products you always have in your rotation?

Sorry - I really need to improve on this. Share with me some tips if you have any!

What were some of your go-to maternity pieces and how did they influence your postpartum style? Is there anything you’ve needed but couldn’t find that you wish for The Line 9 to create?

For me personally since I had twins and had a gigantic belly I was left with some stretch marks, so any kind of bathing suit or high waisted pants that could be both comfy and sexy would make me so happy!

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