Jackie Harrel

Jackie Harrel


Jackie Harrel is a San Francisco native currently living in Herzilya Pitauch. She is an entrepreneur and brand strategist with a deep passion for the health of our planet and all that inhabit it. Her career has spanned across four continents, and she has found herself engaging with technology thought leaders in disruptive and innovative fields across startup and venture capital landscapes. Most importantly however, she is a mama to 18 month old Lev. I caught up with Jackie in the garden of her cozy bungalow to talk about her postpartum experience, wellness tips, and toddler travel advice. 


What has surprised you the most about motherhood? 

How little we are prepared for it. How little we are taught about child rearing. How little we know, yet everyone around us seems to think it comes so naturally. 

Have you seen a new side of your husband that is unexpected or enjoyed a new facet of him since welcoming Lev?

Yes- I love that he really wants our baby to be a part of our adult and personal life. For example, Lev sleeps with us in our room and my husband was actually a big advocate of the “family bed” concept. He really believes in the unity of the three of us together which is so heartwarming to see.

How important is building a community and support-network to you, and how do you go about nurturing that? 

It’s super important, really everything to me. I’m in several women’s circles and groups. I’m now connecting with more women and mothers than ever before. Mostly by picking women up at our local park and inviting them to play dates, music classes etc. Creating social opportunities for our children doesn’t have to mean it can’t be a fun social opportunity for us adults as well. That being said, it’s also nice to see my friends “after hours” and without the kids around. It’s a time for me to ask questions and be fully present, air out any stress, and let loose. 

When you get a minute to yourself, do you have a self-care routine, and if so, what does it entail? 

I just started doing yoga and physical therapy for my back. Restorative yoga is so yummy and an amazing stretch session. I also love dancing, listening to hip hop and going for a long, fun walk. It doesn’t have to be physical though, it can be something as simple as eating sandwiches with a friend. It looks different every day.

Where do you look for style inspiration?

I love to look for inspiration all around me. I’m a big fan of street style, tilework, mediterranean architecture, bright and bold patterns. Comfort is key. Classic pieces that never go out of style. 

You’ve lived in so many different places. If you could take aspects from each of them and blend them into a perfect city, what qualities would it have? 

A vibrant outdoor life, warm weather, friendly people, amazing nightlife with great music. Good food, cafe culture- steakhouses, Mexican food, dim sum on the go…should I go on? Walkability is a must. Beautiful architecture- lower buildings so you have the ability to see the sky. Close to nature, near a body of water. And multicultural! 

Tips for traveling with a toddler?

A giant bag full of toys- suction ones for the window are great. Bottles and formula ready to go. Pre-downloaded songs and videos. Favorite blankie to chew on. A specific piece of baby gear that I would highly recommend is the baby bump by Tushbaby. They make it easy for your child to sit on your lap at any time but not have to be strapped in. It helps prevent a lot of un-welcome back pain. 

What are some of your favorite wellness hacks you discovered while postpartum?

In general I feel like it’s harder to self care post pregnancy. Just to have a designated day to wash your hair can feel like a luxury. Massages when I can, weekly acupuncture. These always help me feel my best.

Best piece of life, career, or parenting advice ever received?

Become a clown. Be a goofball. Really play with your children. If it’s fun for them, it’s fun for you. 

What are some of your go-to wardrobe staples? Is there anything you’ve needed but couldn’t find that you wish for The Line 9 to create?

Basics with a flare. This is what I love about The Line 9- that I can pair the styles together with a lot of fun accessories and create a new look each time. I would love a simple, sleeveless long black dress but with thick straps so you can still wear a bra underneath and the straps don’t show. Comfortable, maybe a double layer so it’s not too tight and it doesn’t show the tummy when you’re not pregnant. Flattering, fit for traveling, ability to go from day to night.

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