Danielle Stephen

Danielle Stephen

Danielle was born in northern England near the border with Scotland. From the tender age of two and a half, her life has been filled with dance. After a year at university, she quit when she received a Musical Theater scholarship at Laine Theater Arts in London. She went on to perform in various theater productions and Disney shows throughout Europe and Asia. After doing a West End tour production of Guys & Dolls in Israel, she fell in love with the country and sought to make it her home. She connects with its creativity, spontaneity and joie de vivre. Almost five years later, she is still here and dancing professionally, as well as teaching modern and musical theater to the next generation of Israeli performers. We caught up with Danielle on what it’s been like to be a performer during the Covid era, how she takes care of herself and fuels her body, and what her favorite clothes to move in are. 


What is it like traveling the world to dance in front of an ever-changing audience? Do you ever get homesick or crave stability?

Being on tour appears to be glamorous, but actually it is a mega graft. The best part is being able to connect with different audiences and cultures. For example, a Japanese audience is usually more reserved than say one in the UK or America. From the age of 19 I've lived away from home, so for almost 18 years now I’ve adapted to independence. After college, I went to live in Tokyo, which then brought a seven year stint in Asia.  However, Corona induced homesickness.

It’s been a rough two years with Covid to be in the performing arts sector. How has it affected your stage career?

Corona was tough dance wise. No jobs and no financial support. It made me ask questions like who am I without my work? My work is me, my body is my canvas. Luckily I was able to collaborate on some art projects and do commercials. I also began to excavate unfulfilled dreams, like writing. Returning to work after, I felt like I had lost some artistry, which I had cathartically gained from the whole corona experience.

What is the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received and from whom?

This too shall pass. Needs no explanation.

Do you have children on your mind one day?

Yes, I would like to have children. I am 36 now, and the biological clock is ticking.

How important is community and a support-network to you, and how do you go about nurturing it?

Community is imperative for artists. We are often filled with self-doubt and to have that other perspective can really benefit a project. I have a team of friends whom I artistically admire for different reasons and am often asking for their opinions. Sometimes it is nice to get fresher eyes on a project, especially when they’re not connected to it. 

Most challenging part of being your own boss as a freelance artist? Most rewarding?

Taxes. Basically doing the work of an accountant and yet, paying for an accountant. Super annoying. The most rewarding part is being able to create my own schedule, and the fact that each project is different.

Any wellness hacks that help your body stay in prime condition for dancing?

Stretching is super important. I do my own, but also recently started doing Boho Yoga on Youtube, and also Yoga with Adriane. But my biggest wellness hack is walking. I walk everywhere. Tel Aviv is a relatively flat city, despite the name translating as Spring Hill. It’s such a gift to walk, and it’s the best work out ever. Walking is for my moments of contemplation. In London, walking is just not as easy, with it being a vastly spread out city. I also recently moved to live by the sea, and to walk there each morning…magic.

What are three beauty products you always have in your rotation?

Witch stick made with tea tree oil for those pesky pimples. 47 Skin- an amazing skin care kit, hand made in the UK. And of course, Vaseline.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Traveling, creating and writing.

What are some of your go-to pieces to dance in and how do they influence your style? Is there anything you’ve needed but couldn’t find that you wish for The Line 9 to create?

When I teach, I usually wear tight, fitted clothing which helps show the lines. I have these leggings from H+M from the Stella McCartney collection. They’re grey with a rouche on the bum. Very flattering, even after the holidays.

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